Your Friendly Neighborhood Software Developer
My name is Logan Bertrand and I enjoy creating interactive user experiences that anyone can understand, along with being highly creative in regards to problem solving and innovating a website. I am a quick learner excited to use the skills I have learned in the tech or video game industry. I have a strong commitment to mastering various languages and Full-Stack related programming. I work well in both collaborating with others or independently on projects.

For a more in depth look of my background, visit my GitHub and LinkedIn.
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To-do app website
To-do App

A To-do list application built with React, Styled Components and Firebase for authentication and data storage.

Chalk app screenshot
Chalk Esports

A video game tournament app. Built with React Native, Styled Components, Apollo GraphQL, and AWS.

Chalk website screenshot
Chalk App Website

The main website for Chalk Esports. Built with React, Next.js, and Styled Components.

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